Upcycled vest transforms with 100 free virtual wearables
Collect new free wearables Collect now. Try them on with AR and mint once you own the hybrid vest!
Who we are?

HybOrg is a community-led tech company that believes in the power of connection. We bring people together for a greater purpose, driving sustainable change.


At HybOrg, we value self-expression without compromising the environment. By merging physical and digital fashion, we extend the lifespan of items and stay ahead of trends with digital wearables.


HybOrg brings sustainable innovation to the fashion industry by leveraging cutting-edge AR and blockchain technologies. Our hybrid fashion approach reduces waste, eliminates excessive purchases, and elevates personal style to new heights.

Join hybrid fashion
Let’s connect and re-define the future
of sustainable self-expression together.
Partner with HybOrgIf your business is in the fashion, NFT project, or gaming industries and you are interested in creating hybrid products with us, please send a request here.
Up next

Mint your hybrid items

Own hybrid products as NFTs. You can resell your unique collectibles to circulate hybrid fashion even further.

AR try on within the web

Try on your virtual wearables in real-time using AR technology within a web app.

Exclusive collections

Discover hybrid drops and collections from your favorite brands on the HybOrg platform.

Metaverse integration

Dress your game and metaverse avatars using the virtual wearables you have collected.